ShopnoBaz Blog : A Bangla Blog in Bengali Language

ShopnoBaz Blog (Bengali – স্বপ্নবাজ ব্লগ) is the new Bangla Blog community with the title – ShopnoBaz Bangla Blog : স্বপ্নবাজ বাংলা ব্লগ – প্রাণের ভাষায় হোক মনের কথা. This is a small, simple and pretty site in Bengali language. Anyone can register and publish post here. Rules and regulations is not strict.
Some new feathers added in members profile pages like, private messaging, personal albums, friends, comments on others profile, groups etc.

Internet users are increasing day by day in Bangladesh. Some years ago, Bangla writing in internet was difficult. There was no Unicode supported fonts or keyboards. Now a days Avro and some other open source software made Bangla typing easy and now we can express ourselves in our mother language. As a result, the popularity of Bangla and Bangla Blogs are increasing.

ShopnoBaz Blog encourages freethinking and humanism among its members. Atheists and religious people both are welcome. Anyone can write on any topics in Bengali but that should not break our county’s laws. So, it can also be said a no moderation Bangla Blog.

Site short description: ShopnoBaz Bangla Blog, a Bangla blogging platform with less moderation, encourages Bangladeshis to express thinking in Bengali.
Website Link : ShopnoBaz Blog : A Bangla Blog in Bengali Language.
Language: Bengali.

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