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Sachalayatan (Bengali – সচলায়তন) is a popular Bangla Blog. It has been running since 2007 when Bangla blogging and writing was just started and there was a few blogs. It is one of the best quality Bengali blogs.

Bangla writing in internet was very difficult before 2006 because Unicode fonts and typing software were not available. After 2006, it became easy because of free typing software – Avro. At that time, a few Bangla blogs started and Bengali language spreads through internet and got more popularity in internet. Sachalayatan is one of those who established our language through worldwide by blogging.

The environment of the community is neat and clean. Contents or posts are higher quality than others. There are many popular writers there. Guests are allowed to write but useless posts are not published. Some restrictions are also applied to new registered users for publishing posts and commenting. Sachalayatan (সচলায়তন) is a good platform for freethinkers and humanists.

Website Address: Sachalayatan (সচলায়তন).

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