Prothom Alo – Popular Bangla Newspaper

Prothom Alo (Bengali – প্রথম আলো) is the most popular Bangla daily newspaper of Bangladesh. The offline version is the most sold newspaper in Bangladesh. The online version is also popular to the Bengali internet users.

People like to read the online version, because it updates regularly even every hours. That means, we get the current news from this newspaper. The website is looking good, easy to read, readers can submit comments and many other features. Many popular journalist columnist write here. There are many categories like politics, economics, media, sports, world news, Bangladesh regional news, study, commerce, computer and internet, entertainment etc.

There is another online version of Prothom Alo which is scan copy of main newspaper. That is called eProthom Alo. It is also favorites. Visit  the daily online bangla newspaper ‘Prothom Alo’ for up to date bangla news, breaking news and feature stories.

Website Address : Prothom Alo Daily Bangla Newspaper.

Online Bangla Newspapers Directory : Bangla Newspapers.

All Online Bangla Newspaper’s Website Address: Daily Bangla Newspapers of Bangladesh.

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