Mukto-mona Blog – A Secular site for Bengali humanists and freethinkers

Mukto mona (Bengali – মুক্তমনা) is a Bangla Blog which is popular as a Atheist Blog of Bangladesh. Mukto-mona blog encourages freethinking, humanism and rationalism among their members.

There are many Bangladeshi Popular bloggers and writers in Mukto-mona who are known as freethinkers and atheists. Mukto mona published some books also. They are trying to spread Atheism among Bangladeshi young generation by the help of logic and science. Science and logic are always in favor of unbelievers. Recently unbelievers are increasing day by day. If you are a freethinkers and want to know about darkness of Religions, go to Mukto-mona and read their books and articles. Read, think logically and justify; you will find the truth.

Website Address: Mukto-mona Bangla Blog.

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