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Using online shopping, we are now able to send gift to Bangladesh from abroad. Many Bangladeshi online shopping centers are available now. is one of them and it is the biggest online gift shops. Here a review that will give you an idea about the shop.

Products for shopping: Varieties of products are sold. Mainly they categorized their products into five departments. They are –

  • Gift for women: A big collection of women dress are stored, i.e. sharee, salwar kamiz and fatua. Cosmetics, jewelry box and hand bag are available also for gift.
  • Gift for men: For men, they stored panjabi, shirt, fotua, saving accessories etc.
  • Gift for babies: Baby toys, dolls and many other baby products are available in this online shop.
  • Products for home: A satisfied level home products they have. From furniture to kitchen accessories, everything is stored.
  • Other gift items: The shop stores different gift items as public demand. Bangla books, flowers, ice-cream, foods, and many others are available for gift. Even Bangladeshis can recharge their mobile in emergency need.

Shopping procedure: Shopping is very easy from Customers have to choose products from different categories and add them to cart. Final step is delivery area selection and bill payment. They have to log in or register to pay bill. Credit card, debit card, and PayPal are allowed. If someone has no credit card, then it’s not a problem. Customers can pay bill via Western Union or online banking. Purchase order by telephone is also allowed.

Delivery area: Customers can send gift to any major cities of Bangladesh. Some products are delivered internationally also. There is no charge to deliver products.

The online shop is something like super store with varieties of products. The site is user friendly and easy to navigate. Professional service and shopping system have made it more attractive. The support team is 24 hours ready to serve customers from different countries. Online shopping popularity in Bangladesh is increasing for such type of shopping centers.

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