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Amar Blog (Bengali – আমার ব্লগ) is a popular blog in Bangladesh. It is also called no moderation Bangla blog. Slogan : Write in Bangla, Express yourself.

Amarblog[dot]com is the 1st WordPress Bangla blog. Many popular Bangladeshi bloggers write here, like –

Omi Rahman Pial – is one of the most popular Bangla bloggers. He is a journalist also. Omi dedicated his activities to demanding the punishment of the war criminals and anti-liberation forces of Bangladesh. He motivated many young bloggers in this cause and some war criminals’ trials have started. He is also creating an archive of material from the time when Bangladesh became independent in 1971 to serve as a genocide archive.

Arif Jetbik – He is also a popular blogger in Bangladesh and also a journalist. Arif Jetbik is called a voice against injustice.

….and many others. Most of the bloggers are against war criminals and against fundamentalist. They together protest the war criminal supported bloggers.

Amar Blog is a large community with thousands of members. They participate in ‘Ekushe book fair’ every year to introduce Bangla blog with general public and to increase popularity of the books written by their bloggers.  The website is nice looking with many features.

Website Address: Amar Blog.

Other Bangla Blogs information directory : Bangla Blogs.

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